Inspirations…whether for our home or for our personal adornment, they come from many different places, and for me, a great place to start with to get innovative ideas for my next look, come from fashion and jewelry designs.  One of the fashion trends that has endured over many seasons so far, is the inclusion of metallic and shimmer into our daily wardrobe, and more and more into interiors from fabrics to of course lighting, specifically chandeliers.  By the way, understanding trends is not “being trendy”, it means that you are keeping pulse on the future in development. Remember trends are mostly inspired by the past and enduring classical inspiration and  provide insights into the future. 

Let’s explore how this shimmering trend can be used to create lively and bedazzling looks for you and your home.  I enjoy mixing and matching the sparkling metal from silver to gold or cooper, and to add shimmering rocks & crystal in any dose I feel comfortable with.  It can be just a fun cocktail ring, or necklace, earrings, or entire outfits and for the bravest of us all – bring it into your spaces.

The easiest way for to incorporate sparkle into your spaces is by adding that ‘wow’ chandelier in your entryway, above dining table or above grand stairwell.   It will make a tremendous statement, making it a focal point of your space, will add beauty and chic element that every interior needs, plus it’s functional, of course. 

I found this stunning vintage diamond necklace as my glamorous inspiration, and surely this stunning jewels would make anyone feel like a goddess.  Though, short of having this amazing jewels, I can bring that same goddess feeling into the spaces when I’m designing by using crystal chandeliers.

Cascading sparkling crystal chandeliers will have similar effect and will evoke those glamorous sentiments in your “kingdom’, and your guests will feel nothing short of “wow” when they see it.  I have found many great chandelier choices on One Kings Lane that look like sparkling jewels. The 3 that caught my eye can equally inspire you to add that shimmering glamour to your spaces, and their selections range from vintage to new, and are a great resource for many of your lighting purchases.