The World Collections by artVIA

are created through close collaborations with artists and artisans locally and around the world, to curate, design and develop a collection of products that are finely handcrafted and uniquely designed, always fashion-forward and on trend.  


To highlight and support the creative talents of women, like us, who enjoy and appreciate what art and artisan products can bring; from joy of personal adornment to beautification of the environment we work and live in.

Our support for artisan products which are focused on providing unique design perspectives,  innovative style and handcrafted quality is a natural fit for us.  Objects are meaningful when we understand how they are made, when creators create with love and care and transfer their visions of beauty and functionality into items.  It is this type of item that is “special”  and meaningful to us in our lives.

If these things matter to you, we welcome you to work with us on your next purchase in  World Collections for items for yourself and your spaces.