The Design Process

We are passionate about design!

We offer a full scope of design services which entail design concept development, procurement management, and installation & oversight of the project.  We work with our clients from idea conception, design thinking process and execution of the project; as we also work in collaborative fashion with other trade professionals from architects, tradesmen to landscape designers and more.  

Our approach is equal parts professional process driven and artistically influenced and it is based on our extensive business experience in the corporate world and as many years in the world of Art, Architecture, Interior Design.  Even though it may seem that design abilities are hindered upon on knowledge of specific style, or specific spaces like; residential rooms, or offices, shops or restaurants; ultimately design is about - design thinking - which is based on process of visual problem solving that encompasses following steps that are applied to any and all spaces: 

1) observing users’ needs in the context of space,  2) researching and brainstorming possible solutions by listening to client’s needs, wants, and dreams, and applying our trained eye, knowledge and observations,  3) development of design concept, drafting and visualization that addresses flow, feel and functionality, add features, colors and materials,  4) follow up review and feedback with clients to refine the plans and options,  5) finalizing the design concept into approval that moves the project into execution of procurement and installation phases in concert with other trades involved. 

At Home:

Our unique ability is to translate your project objectives, emotional and physical needs into our design concepts that will create a distinctive expression of who you are, and create an enriched emotional connection to your home environments.

Are you adventurous? Well-travelled? Creative? Daring? Art Collector? These are some of the personality traits that, in a sense, can be written on your walls.  No matter where your life takes you, home is the place you come back to time and time again. In its very essence, your home is meant to be a place of comfort, safety and stylish self-expression—it’s supposed to represent who you are.

At Work:

From offices to hospitality spaces our designs will align functionality, feel and flow with a unique style that complements your image and brand.  We gain understanding how you want to be perceived in the marketplace so the key brand elements are showcased in our design and fully realized in your work spaces.  We all have human needs that need to be fulfilled to be productive in the workspace.  Thus, before we can achieve our true purpose and connect with each other to deliver the superior work results, the work environment must satisfy our fundamental human needs along with business requirements.  As designers, we're concerned with importance of the fundamental human needs from: environment feel, flow, lighting, and movement.  The other key focus is space use & proportions, colors, materials and object used in the design but all in connection to how all of those elements impact the performance and productivity.  As lines of working & living are blurring, the work environments are becoming more  'homey ', multi-sensory and multi-use spaces of work and collaboration, defined by use of space instead of departmental functions.  Environments are designed to enable a variety of experiences and to empower users to transform space at a moment’s notice, evolving it with use.

At artVIA we provide business design solutions that not only address your space aesthetics needs but align and translate your culture, and brand image into our space design concepts that address your objectives in a cohesive way.  artVIA has the ability to partner up with experts from branding, strategic marketing, architecture and graphic design that will collaboratively bring the unified results that ultimately showcase your business to the world.