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Our aspiration is to create a design even
more extraordinary than your original vision.
Our mission is centered on understanding your needs, delivering tailored solutions and
distinctive look & feel.
Our transformations will increase value of
your investment.

We guide you to achieve the Art of Things chosen Well rather than often, as we know that
quality and craftsmanship creates lasting value.
— Ariana Smetana, Founder/Principal at ArtVIA


ArtVIA is an interior design boutique firm located in Houston (Texas), offering an innovative perspective for your style by making your lifestyle the center of our design vision.

We specialize in residential and commercial redesign that infuses global flair and creates looks that are influenced by European sophistication of living.  The spaces we create skillfully fuse modern and contemporary elements into classically inspired styles to create a timeless design.  

From commercial spaces to residential design, the artVIA team’s capabilities deliver the expertise necessary to elevate your style!  


We invite you to go to places where design inspires you to morph your surroundings into FASCINATING AND PURPOSEFUL ENVIRONMENTS that function, flow, feel and provide an elevated state of mind.

Design starts as a desire to improve, transform and change how we feel about the environments we are surrounded with.  artVIA will orchestrate a design which creates a harmonious whole in which the architecture, site, function, and visual aspects of the interior are unified, pleasing to mind and body, and appropriate to the activities to be pursued there.  Design is Art, Beauty, an Expression, and a daring Thought.  Are you ready to dare and follow your dreams?  


Meet Ariana

Ariana Smetana, a lifestyle interior designer and a tastemaker whose impeccable style and keen eye for design extends beyond interiors!

Ariana is able to incorporate clients’ lifestyle into her designs, while creating stunning spaces that are seamlessly tailored to each client’s individual taste. She is adept in fashioning bespoke sophisticated looks that evoke both past and present.

Her design sensibility has been influenced while living and working in Europe most of her life, as well as from her extensive travels to places filled with multi-cultural influences and diverse architectural styles within the U.S. and globally.


Ariana´s fascination with interior design and fashion, along with her deep appreciation for art and architecture was always present in her life, but were never fully realized until back in 2008 she decided to integrate her extensive corporate background with her artistic skills and she founded artVIA

Ariana has been part of the local Houston business and lifestyle design environment for over 15 years after living in London, UK and extensively traveling within the USA and around the Globe.

Her unmistakable design acumen has earned her an ASID Award and notable accolades from the design world, including both print and online publications. She has been passionately involved in the Houston-area design community, and is a current ASID member.