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ArtVIA is an award-winning design firm, offering workspace strategy + design centered on the Art of living + working Well for residential and commercial space. Our design philosophy is centered around the improvement of human experiences and interactions in a physical environment.


Whether in residential or commercial spaces, the environment we create needs to improve user activities, movement, communication and feed their senses and minds.  With our solutions, we aim to enable right engagements, support formal, informal and digital communications, stimulate the users in accomplishing results through that environment.

artVIA workplace strategy + design advisory services take a holistic perspective on workplace environment which goes beyond walls, offices, furniture, and starting with:

1) fostering the shared vision for the work ecosystem in the context of business goals and ensuring to create stakeholders and community buy-in and ownership

2) developing the workplace concepts and proposing solutions that stimulate mind and promote the behaviors, from improved workflows to desired engagements in the space for employees and clients

3) orchestrating the transformation with architects, contractors, and vendors to bring the vision into reality.

The next step is to entrust your workspace strategy + design projects to us, a cross-functional team which can deliver exceptional results. 
                                        Space influences human behavior and that ultimately affects an organization’s performance.


artVIA workplace strategy+design solutions create an environment where employees and customers are engaged in value creation for the business as an integrated whole. Our successful delivery lies in strategically aligning the workplace environment to your business objectives, brand image, company values and culture, and employees’ wellbeing.  

Design can be confusing, often looked as only a surface deep or it may seem unnecessary in big scheme of project needs, but it is a key ingredient that ‘broadcasts’ your company’s message, it transforms and changes how we feel, function and perform in our office surroundings to serve the business.     

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
- Winston Churchill

Meet Ariana 


Over the last decade, she has a proven track record in leading artVIA to deliver award-winning design solutions and highly-praised consulting services that her clients cherish.  

Ariana Smetana, also brings over 15yrs of international corporate experience, along with a unique mix of skills, talents from analytical and financial, to the ability of creating innovative solutions to business problems through the lens of design and visual & spatial problem-solving.   This potent mix not only enables her and her team to create impactful design transformations but also they understand the underlying business levers companies need to use to achieve their business goals.

She has degrees is in Economics, and Interior Design, and professional skills that span over careers at PWC in London, UK, Continental Airlines and with Shell Oil in Houston TX. 

She is a keen learner, continuously expanding her knowledge through research, conferences and professional developments to keep the pulse on trends that impact businesses. As well as, she evolves her design sensibilities and inspirations through extensive travels to places in the U.S.A., Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia.  Since 1997, she calls Houston home, after growing up and living in Zagreb, Croatia and as well as in London, UK. 


Ivy Designer
Remodeling and Home Design

Giving back is a way of life for Ariana, who is committed to giving back through her work and supporting numerous community organizations. Dear to her heart are social and community issues which focus on women and children. She passionately believes that empowering women will create a world that enriches communities, and it is a better place for us all.

She puts her passion behind many business and civic leadership causes and most recently she has joined the Center for Houston’s Future, to join forces in addressing matters of highest importance to the long-term future of the greater Houston region, by engaging diverse leaders, providing impactful research, and defining actionable strategies. Center for Houston’s Future (CHF) works to address matters of highest importance to the long-term future of the greater Houston region, by engaging diverse leaders, providing impactful research, and defining actionable strategies. She has also served as a long standing member and a Board member for the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to empower and help women reach new business heights.  Year after year, she continues devoting her energy and time into supporting Recipe for Success, an organization for combating childhood obesity, along with supporting many other cause, like the Children’s Assessment Center which provides services to sexually abused children.  She feels fortunate to be able to help others and support many philanthropic causes that make a difference in our community and to our future.  Please check out the community organization websites to learn more about these great organizations!