Design Your Tablescapes with artVIA

As the leaves begin to turn to Fall shades, (not so fast in Houston – maybe by December), it’s time to think about changing your home décor color theme to darker, richer colors. Then give an open, soaring space a snug, welcoming feel by swapping out pillows of lightweight summer fabrics, like linen and cotton, for luxurious velvet ones in rich, fall shades.  Add a few coordinating throws and get ready to cozy up by the fire.


Generally people use green, red and white when decorating the table for the holidays but there is nothing to say you have to follow suit. Holidays are also the time to get out brass, copper and iron decorations out. Decadent gold, demure bronze, lavish silver and refined nickel accents bring a warmth, regality and sparkle. Also, if you dare mixing metals, that is a very good way to break the monotony of having just one dominant color for the accessories or table settings.

In my design approach, I look for inspirations in different places from fashion to exotic travels that I take from time to time, or even local markets caring seasonal floral & food.  So when you’re setting your table-scapes keep 3 things in mind:

1) add sparkle with unexpected pops of colors and/or add metallics,  2) have special small touches like name tags, menus, swag bags for your guests, and  3) nothing brightens up your table or home more than vases filled with fall flowers. Here are some flowers to choose: Asters, Bittersweet, Cosmos, Dahlias, Gladioli, Hyacinths, Marigolds, Olive branches, Rosehips and Chrysanthemums.  The trick to keeping blooms fresh is to remove all leaves below the water line and change out the water every few days.

If you like fun and spooky; Halloween provides us with one of the best opportunities to decorate in many wacky and fun ways. If you don’t have children, you don’t have to build a haunted mansion full of spider webs and spooky effects (unless you want to), but a scarecrow, hay bale and pumpkins can go a long way.  In addition, these items can usually be used for Thanksgiving too.

I trust you’re now ready for making your Holidays fun and exciting by using these new ideas for you table & home.  To get more ideas – join us at our artVIA Design Seminars.