Meet Ariana 


Over the last decade, she has a proven track record in leading artVIA to deliver award-winning design styles and highly-praised services that her clients cherish.  Her unique mix of experince & skills not only enable her to create impactful design transformations but also she enables businesses to achieve their goals through the workspace design strategy that integrates their brand values, culture, technology and physical space together.

Ariana Smetana, also brings over 15yrs of international corporate experience, along with a unique mix of skills, knowledge, talents from analytical and financial, to the ability of creating innovative solutions to business problems through the lens of design thinking and visual & spatial problem-solving.   She has degrees is in Economics, and Interior Design, and professional skills that span over careers at PWC in London, UK, Continental Airlines and with Shell Oil in Houston TX. 

She continuously keeps her finger on the pulse of developments that impact businesses, as well as she evolves her design sensibilities and draws her inspirations through extensive travels to places in the U.S.A., Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia.  Since 1997, she calls Houston home, after growing up and living in Zagreb, Croatia and as well as in London, UK.