ArtVIA is an award-winning design firm located in Houston, Texas, centered on the Art of living + working Well for residential and commercial spaces. What we do is more than what meets the eye, as we create an experience within the environment by design.  

We evaluate and develop the workspace strategy + design from the perspective of achieving your productivity goals to improve client loyalty, employee engagement, echo brand values and enhance the culture.  We offer a cohesive approach for your corporate positioning in the marketplace, with an integrated review of business strategies and implementation into workspace solutions that align work environment design, brand identity, culture, and technology. 

Our workspace strategy focuses on making physical space an asset that stretches beyond clever interior design, architecture, furniture, and furnishings as it aims to address the important business goals and objectives by design.
                                        Space influences human behavior and that ultimately affects an organization’s performance.


The current marketplace demands different thinking and creative solutions - the success lies in cohesively connecting workspaces to your business strategy to achieve an improved customer loyalty and employee engagement through a better workspace productivity.

We offer workspace strategy + design execution using proven process and principles of analytical problem solving, design thinking and a budget driven approach, keeping our promises and offering clear communication throughout the project.  
Design can be confusing, but it starts as a desire to improve, transform and change how we feel, function and maximize our surroundings to serve the business.  The next step is to entrust your workspace strategy + design projects to us, a cross-functinal team which can deliver exceptional results.   


We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
- Winston Churchill